Aperspection is a solo music act based in the USA, active since around 2010. Here’s all you need to know:

  • I use FL Studio to make music on Linux, via Bottles. I used to use Windows.
  • I don’t take my music too seriously - it’s a passive hobby. I explore different genres and moods.
  • All music is mixed and mastered by me - I do not pass my music through any third parties (for better or worse - some tracks could probably really have used some help).
  • I often make multiple edits to the same track, and upload them all, so that you can explore and enjoy different takes for yourself.
  • Aperspection stands for “A perspective reflection”. The music was always intended to reflect how I was feeling at the time of creation.
  • I don’t sing (as of writing this), but I have provided ambient vocals for at least a few of my released songs.
  • Some songs may only be available on SoundCloud because I do not own a license to monetize some vocals, etc.
  • I don’t go out of my way to market my music. Feel free to share it with anyone that you think might like it.
  • If I make a single track that makes you feel a specific mood that you enjoy, I’ve accomplished my goal.

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